Tuesday, February 21, 2017

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  1. I would like you to draw a scene from me today at work...
    it's a high school classroom. I start every class with a Latin phrase, so could you draw this:
    me, (I guess I'm dressed sort of like a teacher...my uniform is a pencil skirt, tailored shirt, flats, blargh) pointing to my smartboard projecting the phrase:
    "gaudeamus igitur"

    "..this has been the hymn of university students from the middle ages onward, and is often sung at graduations, although it began as a student drinking song, and it means "therefore let us rejoice" (because we are young and need to have fun etc.). Isn't that nice? A drinking song about living life to its fullest became a graduation standard at stuffy universities like Oxford!
    Here's what my class looks like: sleeping, uninterested, bored.
    If a hand even goes up, it's merely to say "is this gonna be on the test?"
    Also, could you draw me standing in a pile of owls (dead or otherwise). I have owl stuff all over my room that students give me. I'm feeling buried in them but I love them. Possibly a dead plant or three along the wall, please, too. And several messy stacks of Latin books getting ready to topple on top of me (the piles aren't that high but it feels like it to me). And a poster peeling off the wall that says "QUID?"
    Thank you.